Ceramic Nest Eggs - 12 (Brown Or White)

$19.99 $16.99

Our Ceramic Eggs are MADE IN USA

Ceramic Nest Eggs from NaturesPeck look like real chicken eggs! Great for nest boxes, home decor, and craft projects.

Encourage nest box use: Place a ceramic egg in the nest box to assure your hens it's a safe and proper place to lay eggs.

Prevent egg pecking/eating: If one of your hens has a taste for eggs, place a ceramic egg inside the nest box and she will quickly become discouraged when she can't break through the tough shell.

Home decor: These realistic eggs are a perfect addition to your country home decor and will not spoil like real eggs.

Arts & Crafts: Decorate and paint ceramic eggs anytime for a fun art project. Create a special Easter egg that you can keep forever or give as a lasting gift.  

Color Options: Brown or White

Size: Standard Chicken Egg

Qty: 12