NEW! Peck 'A' Bites Veggie Suet Pellets (Insects)

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Peck 'A' Bites, Insect Suet Pellets mix, all plant oil, No animal Fat and natural coloring from insects.

 Higher Protein & Fiber than other suet pellet Treats Supplement,19% protein now created for Poultry with smaller bite size & Wild Birds,

Give your Hens Extra protein for the cold season, can be Fed year-round, for poultry serve in small quantity due to high protein content.

  • A complete, nutritious vegetarian diet

  • Available size:

  •  11 lbs. 
  • 22 lbs.  (2 x 11 lbs. bag)

Why feed vegetable suet  pellets?
Birds have a high energy consumption rate due to high metabolisms, and it is not uncommon for a bird to eat up to 30% of its own body weight in food, per day. Due to its high protein and calorie levels, veggie suet offers birds a high burst of energy in a concentrated form.

When should you feed vegetable suet?
All year round! Veggie suet gives birds the energy required to see them though spring nesting, breeding, rearing of young and arms them against the cold winter months. Veggie suet will also be one of the first foods to be fed to fledglings.

For Poultry, serve in small quantity as a High protein supplement.