PROMO-Worm Combo - (5 lbs Mealworms + 5 lbs Sunworms)with Free suet pellet

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Combo Worms  ** Get 1lb FREE Suet Pellets PeckAbite with your combo**

1 x 5 lbs dried mealworms  and 1 x 5 lbs Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Sunworms)

NaturesPeck® Dried Mealworms and Sunworms are the best quality on the market. We package our products to ensure that they get to our customers quickly and in great condition. Mealworms are packed with protein that chickens, other poultry and wild birds love and need while Sunworms add a great calcium boost. They are great as a treat but can also be used as a supplement to help your flock get through the molt.