NEW! Peck 'A' Bites Veggie Suet Pellets (Berry)

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Peck 'A' Bites, Berry Mini Suet Pellets , all plant oil, No animal Fat and Natural coloring from Beets Super Antioxidant.

High Protein 18% & Fiber 10% Treat Supplement for Poultry & Wild Birds,

Extra protein treat for the cold season, Can be Fed year round, for poultry serve in small quantity due to high protein.

Available size:

11 LBS

 22 LBS  (2 x 11 lbs bag)

Why feed vegetable suet?
Birds have a high energy consumption rate due to high metabolisms, and it is not uncommon for a bird to eat up to 30% of it’s own body weight in food, per day. Due to its high protein and calorie levels, veggie suet offers birds a high burst of energy in a concentrated form.

When should you feed vegetable suet?
All year round! Veggie suet gives birds/poultry the energy required to see them though spring nesting, breeding, rearing of young and arms them against the cold winter months. 

For Poultry , serve in small quantity as a High protein supplement.